Software Development

Technology plays a very important role in your business. You use technology to support employees to collaborate with one another, make new customers and while staying connected to existing ones, manage your operations more efficiently, keep track of inventory and many other complex tasks. Using the most update to date software and practices Visual Solutions will develop custom applications for your business to help in all of these areas to make your business operations more effective!

We also understand that you are busy running your business. Too busy that you might not have the time to research new technologies let alone implement them. That’s what we’re here for. Visual Solutions will develop a “needs assessment” from our conversations with you and use this information to build your organization the custom software solution its been seeking.

Visual Solutions’ team of onshore engineers uses best practice processes to complete your custom software in four steps:

The application is incrementally prototyped and presented to users for feedback and refinement. The structured prototype is evolved to become the final implementation. Incremental development increases user involvement and enables users to see and interact to provide feedback and refined specification. Engaging users throughout the development process mitigates risks posed by invalid or missing requirements. As users are typically the most fluent in problem domain being addressed, the increased interaction translates to a final product that clearly addresses the customer’s actual needs.

Test scenarios/scripts are documented and executed by developers skilled in quality assurance. Test scenarios account for expected and exceptional application usage. The objective is to create an application that meets the user’s needs and effectively guides the user to the desired functionality.

All source files related to the application project are managed by a source control database application. Each prototype build is given a unique version number. A listing of new, enhanced, and/or fixed functionality is delivered with each new build.

Visual Solutions Inc. has developed hundreds of database applications. Applications have been developed for a number of industries including health care, education, marketing, publishing, social service, etc. Visual Solutions Inc. has experience with a broad array of environments and development tools. In an industry where time is marked in nano-seconds, Visual Solutions Inc. has implemented applications that have lasted over 10 years in production! Many customers return to Visual Solutions Inc. for application enhancement, additional application development, and, after particularly lengthy deployments, application rewrites using the latest technologies.